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We are one of the four brands operating within the structures of OPEGIEKA. Appropriate exploitation of the potential of SKY, LAB, GEO and IT brands, as well as effective internal cooperation result in the capability of executing complex interdisciplinary projects related to geospatial intelligence.
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About Us


The people who join our team are the individuals for whom processing and acquisition of spatial data, as well as operating modern measurement devices is something more than just a job. We are good at what we do because aviation and remote sensing are what we enjoy doing.


We are a team of well-qualified specialists, many of whom hold state-authorised professional qualifications and certificates. The solutions applied in our company have been created, developed and improved  for many years. Consequently, we can guarantee excellent technical maintenance and content-related support. We are continuously developing and gaining new experience while executing new projects, undertaking research and development works, participating in conferences and trade fairs and attending trainings and courses.


Our passion for state-of-the-art technologies and relentless quest for innovative solutions result in continuous investments in the latest equipment and devices available on the market. We use equipment and software of the leading producers in the industry. Apart from acquisition of spatial imagery characterised by the highest available resolutions, we also draw up thematic analyses and studies.

Interesting facts

  • We use only UTC time standard

  • We play as a team
  • We know the current weather reports inside out

  • Before leaving the desk, we shout ‘Clear prop’

  • While not flying, we talk about flying.
    While not talking about flying, we read about flying.
    While not reading about flying – something is wrong with us ...

  • We would rather stay at the airfield than in the office

OPEGIEKA Sp. z o.o.

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Head Office

Aleja Tysiąclecia 11

82-300 Elbląg

phone: +48 (55) 237 60 00

fax: +48 (55) 237 60 01

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Branch in Warsaw

ul. Grzybowska 80/82 lok. 700

00-844 Warszawa