Beechcraft King Air C90A (SP-ISS)

The Beechcraft KingAir C90 aircraft (SP-ISS) is fundamental for the modern OPEGIEKA remote sensing platform. It is one of the most popular models of turboprop aircraft in the world. It has been in continuous production since 1969, and the total number of aircraft produced exceeds 3,100 units. The purchased model has been modified and adapted to the execution of photogrammetric tasks.

Beechcraft King Air C90A (SP-ISS)

Vulcanair P68C (SP-OPG)

The design of the aircraft allows for installation of two remote sensing sensors capable of capturing data simultaneously, which gives us sufficient flexibility and ensures that equipment may be properly adjusted to the nature of specific measurements. The use of a twin engine increases the safety of the flight crew, and additionally is a prerequisite to carry out night flights. The aircraft allows for carrying out six-hour missions at the maximum altitude of 5,400 m AGL and performance of approximately 95-135 kts.

Vulcanair P68C (SP-OPG)

Vulcanair P68-TC Observer (SP-GEO)

It is one of the most popular aircraft designs utilised in the photogrammetric industry. Two turbocharged Lycoming engines ensure the power output necessary to carry out even five-hour missions at the maximum altitude of 6,100 m AGL. The biggest advantage of the aircraft is its nose made of transparent acrylic glass, which largely enhances the pilot’s field of vision. The use of this solution enables the crew to evaluate weather conditions with respect to the flight lines and area of interest to be currently performed while acquiring aerial images.

Vulcanair P68-TC Observer (SP-GEO)

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